Hard Sided Marquees and Glass Walling

For a superior finish to your marquee we can provide the option of changing your marquee from a standard PVC walled structure to a hard walled marquee. Hard sided marquees are available in glass, white acrylic or can even be custom branded to your own specification. The glass walling is particularly popular and more often than not clients choose to go for a run of glass along the the front of a marquee with the remainder in white PVC.

Hard walling is effective in creating a completely polished effect to your structure – visually they are more impressive and there is the added bonus of improved security.

“When would you recommend hiring a marquee with solid glass walls”

Key Structures would always recommend using solid glass walls when you are after a luxury finish. When you are inside the marquee the glass walling gives you the impression of being in a proper room – for day time events solid glass walls are ideal for letting natural light flood into the structure. When combined with our solid glass entrance doors the exterior of hard sided marquees looks particularly sleek and impressive – the perfect answer for a smart corporate event, party or wedding.

“What about white acrylic hard walling?”

The white acrylic hard sides are again a perfect option when you are after a luxury marquee product – many clients believe that they deliver a cleaner more aesthetic finish to the structure. A hard sided marquee becomes considerably more robust both in terms of security and weatherproofing especially in windy or rainy conditions. If a controlled temperature environment is required hard sides are also the preferable option. Lastly for those looking at bespoke options the white acrylic inserts can be changed for branded or coloured inserts and this gives you considerable flexibility to personalise the exterior.

“What other things should I think about for hiring solid glass or hard sided marquees?”

Marquees with solid glass or hard sides ideally require a levelled floor system to ensure that the components sit flush. This is usually a standard option for higher specification builds. All the other usual accessories such as marquee lighting, heating and cooling are all just the same.

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