Capital Summertime Ball – Form & Function

capital summertime ball

Key Structures regularly get called upon to assist providing event infrastructure and marquees to London’s most established and distinguished events. The Capital Summertime Ball is a highlight of the Summer event calendar and takes place at Wembley Stadium on the first or second Saturday of June each year.

Key Structures continue to be a key supplier and are proud of our ability to provide structures that serve both aesthetically and functionally. It is this ethos of form and function that make up the backbone of what we do and the provision for the Summertime Ball sums up nicely the range of event solutions we can supply.


Beneath the stadium itself we supply the above Clearspan structure for use as the principal control room for live feeds and broadcasting. This is fully hard walled for security, climate controlled for comfort and lit professionally to provide a professional working environment.


Meanwhile, outside the stadium we were this year briefed to supply custom branded structures for a high end brand activation. The brief came through less than two weeks before the event, and required custom manufactured roofs for our Pagoda marquees, detailed CAD drawings and a test build, all within 10 days. We also utilised our self weighted floor system to safely secure the structure and adhere to Wembley’s strict H&S protocol.

Black Pagoda

We were delighted to be part of the Capital Summertime Ball again, and looking forward to doing it all again next year.