Marquee Heating and Cooling

Key Structures is experienced in providing heating and cooling solutions for its marquees. As ever there is a considerable range of options and we will be able to point you in the right direction to suit both your type of event and your budget.

For smaller parties our ‘Cosy’ gas patio heaters have been a huge success – they are both effective and economic and most imporatantly thoroughly reliable. For larger events the heaters usually sit outside the marquee with heat distributed inside via ducts. Diesel, gas and electric power are all potential solutions for a larger event and we will be able to guide you as to suitability.

“Do I need marquee heating or cooling for my event?”

Party marquees available to hire from Key Structure Ltd. (8)Whether you require heating or cooling in your marquee will depend on the type of event you are holding and the time of year you are having it. Winter is obviously a popular month for heating and in many cases some sort of heat will be vital to allows guests to remain comfortable inside the marquee. In the summer air conditioning is often popular if the marquee needs to be sealed – for instance it is being used as a temporary office space or restaurant. Marquee air conditioning is usually less necessary if you can open up the sides of the marquee to let the air in.

“What power supply do I need for electric climate control?”

Producing hot or cold air electrically uses a considerable amount of power and for all but the very smallest marquees it is impractical to do this using a domestic 13 amp single phase power supply. Three phase power is required to provide the majority of electric options and if you don’t have one on your site we can easily supply a generator. Key Structures would recommend using an electric option whenever you require a controlled temperature climate in your marquee. The temperature can be set precisely and with the more sophisticated systems humidity can controlled to.

“What power supply do I need for electric climate control?”

Gas and diesel options are attractively priced in relation to electric and in the right instances can be equally effective. Our experienced hire managers will be able to guide you to the right choice for your event.

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