Health & Safety Sustainability

Our Commitment to Health and Safety and Sustainability

Key Structures provides a service which has health & safety at its core. We are fully up to speed with the demands of all current industry guidelines and are a member of the Marquee Hire Trade Organisation (MHTO). The safety of our structures, of our staff, of our clients and members of the public whilst using our marquees are of paramount importance at all times.

Structures installed with a width greater in span than 9 metres have guidelines issued by the Institute of Structural Engineers entitled ‘Temporary Demountable Structures – Guidance on Design, Procurement and Use’ (March 1999). There are two key aspects to these guidelines, namely:

a)  Structures should be designed to remain stable for a designated wind speed

b)  Structures should be of sound material and good construction

Primary responsibility for the safety of persons attending an event lies with the event organiser. He, or she, should ensure that competent contractors are used and that any structures installed have been checked by a competent person. This competent person may be an employee of the supplier of the structure or a person nominated by him. Where a member of the installation team carries out the check, evidence of competence should be made available.

Key Structures follow these guidlines carefully and your marquees will always be checked and signed off by one of our trained foremen.


Key Structures has developed a number of strategies for reducing wasteful or unsustainable work practices. This has included a full review of all the activities we undertake in the course of our work. Where wastage is evident we have made every effort possible effort to minimise it. Our key objectives are:

To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

Event carpet is the main culprit here and Key Structures has begun a number of initiatives for recycling this. Where recycling is impossible we have begun to develop secondary uses for it. Landfill is only used as a last resort.

Wire rope is the second worst offender (used to hang linings) and again we have begun a number of initiatives to re-use or recycle this wherever possible.

To reduce our Co2 footprint

Key Structures ensures its vehicle movements are kept to a minimum. We regularly invest in new vehicles to ensure their environmental credentials. Wherever possible our hire managers take public transport to and from site visits. Quite easy in London with the tube.

We are also proud advocates of the bicycle to work scheme and pleased to report that over 50% of our employees now regularly commute by pedal power.

To reduce our energy consumption

A continuing priority is to ensure that our staff are aware of how simple measures can be used to combat water, electricity and gas wastage.

Waste reduction is a common theme through our staff training programmes.